A full day of experiencing the variety of music that has been presented by Ecstatic Waves throughout 12 fund raising concerts. This is the final concert of the Ecstatic Waves Open Score Book Project and we will be presenting various works that have made it into the book.

Spatialized large ensemble music transforms the space into a chamber of sound. Selected works from the book will take you on a journey of sound, space and texture. Some are long form ambient works, some focused on drones, and others explore texture in vastly different ways.

Music has been created for 16 speakers which will be placed all around the room. You are free to just sit and listen, wander around, hear individually what is happening in each speaker, and indulge in snacks, pastries, and beverages which will be on sale at the event.

Special thank you to Red Shift Music Society for giving us access to the “Array”


Smaller ensembles will give their take on selected works from the book. A much softer and intimate presentation with drastic mood changes and gripping colours of sound.

General ticket – $25
Student/Artist/Low income – $15

Cash only at the door, or purchase your ticket online beforehand.

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