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What is happening?

Ecstatic Waves founder and director Chris Blaber will ride his bicycle all over B.C playing shows anywhere he can this summer. He will carry with him a drum set, stereo electronics, and everything else needed to survive the trip and all the shows including food, tent, tools, sleeping bag, clothes, and more.

Chris will be presenting a one hour intimate sound experience including music by Ann Southam, Erica Regehr, Jaya Story, Nadia Schibli, and himself. All concerts will be by donation which means to host a concert it doesn’t have to cost you anything!

Where is it happening?

Anywhere in B.C. If there are enough requests in an area/along a route he will go there! These can be held in any space you have access to where you and your friends can all be together, sit, and enjoy a concert. This could be a living room, backyard, back patio, small house, big house, condo, apartment, winery, photography studio, local theatre, church, or community hall, etc… The only requirement being that everyone must be able to gather in the same space, seated, for the entirety of the hour long concert.

When is it happening?

Almost every day between June 1st and September 30th 2019

How to get Chris to come play at your “house”!

Submit your answers to the 8 booking questions on our website here by April 15th. The route will be completely planned and double checked by the beginning of May then it starts in June!

Hear their music here

About Ecstatic Waves

Ecstatic Waves creates experimental performances that are collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. They have premiered over 50 new works by local Vancouver musicians, composers, dancers, and choreographers in 14 shows. They have self published a book of scores that were premiered in the concert series, and performed a 10 hour long concert for their book launch party. Their focus is on grassroots community development, supporting young artists, and creating concert experiences that are intimate and thought provoking.

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