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Tour: Ecstatic Waves Bicycle House Concert Tour 2019
07/19/19 Port Moody, BC House Canada
Time: 3:00pm. Admission: Free. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 20 Flinn court. #Fridaysforfuture – Long term music for Long term change HOUSE HAPPENINGS ● 3-9pm □ 6 hours straight of live music ● 3-6:30 □ Improvised protest music ● 6:30-7:30 □ Changing Planet – Chris Blaber – solo drums and stereo electronics ● 7:30-9pm □ improvised protest music ■Music will be livestreamed. link posted on the day of the happening. *bring your sound makers and instruments *bring your bodies for dancing *bring your mind for discussing climate issues *bring your ears for listening *bring some food because I don’t have enough for everyone for all day More information
06/01/19 - 09/30/19 Every city in – British Columbia, Canada Your house in British Columbia Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Ecstatic Waves Founder and Director Chris Blaber will ride his bicycle all over B.C this summer carrying with him a drum set, stereo electronics, and everything else needed to survive the trip including food, tent, tools, sleeping bag, clothes, and more. Chris will be presenting a one hour intimate sound experience including music by Ann Southam, Erica Regehr, Jaya Story, Nadia Schibli, Nancy Tam, and himself. Where? Anywhere in B.C. If there are enough requests in an area/along a route he will go there! These can be held in any space you have access to where you and your friends can all be together, sit, and enjoy a concert. This could be a living room, backyard, back patio, small house, big house, condo, apartment, winery, photography studio, local theatre, church, or community hall, etc… The only requirement being that everyone must be able to gather in the same space, seated, for the entirety of the hour long concert. When? Almost every day of June, July, August and September 2019.
01/27/19 Vancouver, BC 240 Northern Canada
Time: 2:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 240 Northern. Well we made art together! Join us for a fun afternoon of live music and dance! We will be featuring performers: Chris Blaber, Gael Chabot-Leclerc, Greg Samek, Luke Hildebrandt, Kaylee Louie, Kat Trainor, Rachel Helten, Sarah Kuhl, and Sarah Tse. Tickets: $5 (in cash or credit at the door) Order Tickets Online here: https://wmas.bpt.me *Drinks will be available at the venue More information
10/26/18 - 10/28/18 Vancouver, BC Gold Saucer Studio Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $15-$20. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 211 – 207 West Hastings St. The Ecstatic Waves Musical Haunted House is the first annual Halloween concert being held by Ecstatic Waves. The Halloween shows are a mix of haunted house thrills and new music and soundscapes created just for the event. Participants are lead on a themed adventure narrated by live music. It’s a haunted house like no other! Ecstatic Waves is a community of artists dedicated to writing and performing new works for modern music ensembles, dance, visual arts, and more. The group holds shows bimonthly that showcase pieces written and performed by members. This year, enter the Gold Saucer and be transported to spooky landscape of shadows, the supernatural, and objects come to life! At the same time, experience new music and stagecraft by members Mike Allen, Chris Blaber, Erica Regehr, and Greg Samek. You’ll leave with a new seasonal experience: Halloween turned into sound! Please join us at 207 W hastings St, Vancouver (Cambie and Hastings) for the Ecstatic Waves Haunted House on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, October 26-28, at 7, 8, or 9 pm.
06/30/18 Vancouver, BC 240 Northern Canada
Admission: $15-25. Address: 240 Northern. A full day of experiencing the variety of music that has been presented by Ecstatic Waves throughout 12 fund raising concerts. This is the final concert of the Ecstatic Waves Open Score Book Project and we will be presenting various works that have made it into the book. 2pm-5pm Spatialized large ensemble music transforms the space into a chamber of sound. Selected works from the book will take you on a journey of sound, space and texture. Some are long form ambient works, some focused on drones, and others explore texture in vastly different ways. 5pm-7pm Music has been created for 16 speakers which will be placed all around the room. You are free to just sit and listen, wander around, hear individually what is happening in each speaker, and indulge in snacks, pastries, and beverages which will be on sale at the event. Special thank you to Red Shift Music Society for giving us access to the “Array” https://redshiftmusic.ca/array 7pm-9pm Smaller ensembles will give their take on selected works from the book. A much softer and intimate presentation with drastic mood changes and gripping colours of sound.
04/08/18 Vancouver, BC 240 Northern Canada
Time: 7:30pm. Address: 240 Northern. Fundraiser Finale
04/08/18 Vancouver, BC 240 Northern Canada
Time: 7:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 240 Northern. The final fundraising concert to raise enough money to create and print a book of all the scores presented in the Ecstatic Waves concert series to this date. Entrance by donation Presenting works by, Chris Blaber – Bagolian parade a la lawnmower Mike WT Allen – TBA Giselle Rocha – DC Marvel Pac-Man Tribute Maze Katerina Gimon – Rain on a Tin Roof Performed by (The smart, strong, handsome, beautiful, punctual and amazing musicians/dancer**) Mike BKWT Allen Chris Blaber Andrew Chavez-Kline Greg Samek Tobias Soley Clara Chow** More information
02/11/18 Vancouver, BC Gold Saucer Studio Canada
Time: 7:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 211 – 207 West Hastings St. **Entrance by donation Doors open at 7 Music starts at 7:30** Four. Close curtain. Walk to the side. See one thing, hear another. Move over there, don’t look where you’re going. See a person. Hear a person. Their breathing. Their Air. Open curtain, Lines, Dispersed, There, not There, over Here. More Lines. Lines curved, bent, misshapen, forced, intended, not intended. Scene. New Music by Vancouver Composers David Storen Melissa Frenken Nathan Marsh Chris Blaber Waves. More information
01/12/18 Vancouver, BC Gold Saucer Studio Canada
Time: 7:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 211 – 207 West Hastings St. Ecstatic Waves 2018 opening concert. ——————-Entrance by Donation————————— Different pursuits of sound, various methods of conveying them. Some seek a mental state different than what is usually required to perform music. More of an inward focus where everything requires deep focus and intent. Presenting new music by… Steven Botel – Solo guitar Matthew Ariaratnam – No Dots :: No Stems Mike WT Allen – TBA (It’s a surprise) Nadia Schibli – Nebula Cameron Catalano – Dawn of Dusk AND Frederic Rzewski – Les Moutons de Panurge Performed by Chris Blaber Matthew Ariaratnam Mike WT Allen Nadia Schibli Cameron Catalano Steven Botel More information
11/25/17 Vancouver, BC 240 Northern Canada
Time: 7:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 240 Northern. Entrance by donation! Four works by four composers for four percussionists creating four tantalizing sound worlds. Treat your eardrums to a myriad of sounds and textures in an incredibly unique warehouse like venue. Program Folly – Chris Blaber I) Elasticity – Steven Botel II) All the Things you Aren’t – Steven Botel Rampart – Brent Chauvin Towards a Point I, II, III – David Storen Musicians Chris Blaber Alexei Paish Michelle Panikkar Greg Samek More information
10/28/17 Vancouver, BC Gold Saucer Studio Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 211 – 207 West Hastings St. Admission by donation! A Halloween weekend show that explores the depths of our minds needs, wants, desires and experiences. On a weekend where we indulge our desires and pretend to be other beings join us as we dive into a dark hole headfirst and find out what’s at the bottom. Amputee Wannabe – Elliot Vughan Desperately Standing Upright – Nancy Tam A Dark Hole – Ecstatic Waves Bang, Swing, Bang – Chris Blaber Sound artist, Nancy Tam, uses sound and performance as primary mediums for making interdisciplinary work. Her work has been seen in Denmark, Belgium, the US, and throughout Canada. She is an active member of the Toronto based Toy Piano Composers collective, and A Wake of Vultures performance collective in Vancouver. #211 – 207 West Hastings (Hastings & Cambie, above Nuba), instructions for entrance will be posted on the front door the night of the show. More information
06/23/17 Vancouver, BC 240 Northern Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 240 Northern. Come experience three vibraphones tuned to beat with each other, crystal glasses tuned to do the same, organ (distorted and used as a drone/noise generator), piano, prepared piano, five octave marimba, a ridiculous ten foot gong stand holding too many gongs, an eight foot windchime made from giant military junk/artillery shell casings, a stupid amount of accessory percussion, flute, woodwinds, viola, and two electric guitarists going nuts. Ecstatic Waves Presents new music for open instrumentation by Matthew Horrigan, Chris Blaber, Ben Wong, and Jeremy O’Neill. As a special treat we will also be presenting a work for solo percussion and electronics written and performed by Greg Samek. Doors open at 6:30 pm, Music at 7pm Entrance by donation Program Greg Samek – Percussion and electronics Chris Blaber – Look Down Matthew Horrigan – Follows turtle, Chases leaf Jeremy O’neill – Hyperobject Ben Wong – Appellation of Recrementitious Grandiloquence Ben Wong – Cats and dogs, but without the dogs Musicians Thomas beckman – Viola Clara Sze – Flute Joel Mackenzie – Guitar Nathan Marsh – Guitar Greg Samek – Percussion Alexei Paish – Percussion Chris Blaber – Percussion Matthew Horrigan Matt Horrigan writes music, scripts, [3xperimental[ish]] poetry, bios of himself and (fake(ish)) sermons, while paying lots of attention to insects. He also: plays in rock bands (currently drumming for Harley Small); co-founded the show re:composition on CFRO 100.5FM Co-op Radio and the Constrained Creation performance art collecTive (Co.Crea.Tive – clever, right?); and holds a B.Mus in composition from McGill plus an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from SFU, because #degrees. Matt likes designing fictional places, in the hopes that one day some of them will become real, and some of them will be forgotten. He grew up in Barrhaven. Come see his play Apple Season in a staged reading at Carousel Theatre on August 6th! Follows Turtle, Chases Leaf asks its players to create atmospheres inspired by post-apocalyptic landscapes, amid which spoken words find themselves. Jeremy O’Neill Jeremy O’Neill is a composer based in Vancouver, B.C., where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition at Simon Fraser University. He has studied with composers Owen Underhill, David McIntyre, Arne Eigenfeldt and Rita Ueda, body percussionist and rhythm tapper Tasha Lawson, as well as having participated in workshops with Rodney Sharman, Christopher Butterfield, Martin Arnold and Quatuor Bozzini, among others. His music has been performed at the Sonic Boom Festival, by Cor Flammae and by Array Ensemble in Toronto. His formal training as a dancer and interest in embodied cognition is reflected in an interdisciplinary approach to composition and in the search through his music for a sense of physicality, kineticism and presence. This piece draws on the physicality of the quartet. A spacial and sonic wave is created through the awareness and reactivity of the players, while the progress of the music depends on their ability to perform a spacialized cannon and variations of the hocket. Ben Wong Ben Wong is a composer based in Vancouver. Having recently completed the music composition program at Simon Fraser University, he has begun to compose new works for both artistic and commercial projects. Along with western ensembles, Ben has also studied the structures of Javanese gamelan and will be traveling to Japan in late 2017 to learn more about Japanese instruments, music, and culture, allowing for a mixture of cultural styles to form the basis of his musical knowledge. Drawing much of his inspiration from film, French Impressionism, and video games, he hopes to create unique music for all sorts of performance settings. While actively working as a composer, he also assists in writing, producing, and directing independent video game projects. Appellation of Recrementitious Grandiloquence is a time-based piece for open instrumentation structured around the performers’ interpretations of the music and their ability to play off of one another. The piece, in essence, is only two measures long; however, it does not indicate tempo, metre, or a clear sense of where any set beats should actually fall. This is marked simply as “Slowly, Freely Flowing,” which leaves nearly everything to the players’ interpretation. ARG is like a sister piece to Cats and Dogs, but without the dogs, as both are time-based pieces that rely on the performers’ ability to play off of each other. These two pieces were composed simultaneously but with very different concepts: ARG, despite its slightly more formal approach, is something of an inside joke for myself and those familiar with my music, sense of titles, and methods of composing music. It features nothing ordinarily included in my regular style of music, nor is it a type of music I am even particularly fond of writing or listening to. Cats and Dogs is more experimental in its compositional approach, but is ultimately the result of my regular compositional mindset. My hope with this piece is to allow for the musicians to experiment without fear of making mistakes. Multiple repetitions within the piece allow for variations on the same idea, creating many opportunities to interpret the music differently and create a soundscape that changes drastically from performance to performance. Cats and Dogs, but without the dogs, is a time-based piece for open instrumentation structured around instruction-based improvisation and the performers’ abilities to play off of one another. Through a series of instructions – ranging from direct to wildly abstract – players must navigate the score based on how they interpret the instructions, but also in a way that works with what the other players are doing. Due to the nature of the instructional score, players are forced to improvise within the constraints of the given direction. Cats and Dogs, as the nature of the title might suggest, is meant to be a fun piece that gives the players a chance to do what they want within the bounds of the given set of instructions. Sections of the piece are named after cats I have owned, and the instructions give directions that reflect the cats’ personalities. This piece is like a sister piece to Appellation of Recrementitious Grandiloquence, a piece that was composed simultaneously alongside Cats and Dogs. Where ARG is scored more regularly but is quite unlike my usual style of music, Cats and Dogs is the opposite – more experimental in technique but much more akin to my usual musical style. In that sense, the personality that comes out of this piece is similar to the majority of my music, even if the presentation is not. My hope with this piece is to allow for the musicians to experiment without fear of making mistakes while still having fun with it. Humour usually has quite an impact during my creative processes, so it is my hope that someone aside from myself can experience both the artistry and the lightheartedness that comes from this piece. More information
05/14/17 Vancouver, BC Gold Saucer Studio Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 211 – 207 West Hastings St. Ecstatic Waves Presents new music for open instrumentation by Maren Lisac, Erica Regehr and Joel Mackenzie. Doors open at 6:30 pm, Music at 7pm Entrance by donation #211 – 207 West Hastings (Hastings & Cambie, above Nuba), instructions for entrance will be posted on the front door the night of the show. The Amazing Musicians! Jennifer Hanson – Voice Clara Sze – Flute Esther Kwon – Flute Kathryn Taft – Clarinet Mike WT Allen – Bass Clarinet Steven Botel – Guitar Maren Lisak – Double Bass Chris Blaber – Percussion More information
04/23/17 Vancouver Stylus Records Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 293 E2nd Ave. Ecstatic Waves presents new music for bass clarinet quartet and open instrumentation by Ben Wylie and Mike Allen. Entrance by donation. **Entrance is behind Liberty wines, Door is by the sign for “Stylus Records”** Program Arms Against a Sea – Ben Wylie Simulacrum – Jordan Nobles **Intermission** In E – Chris Blaber Just Listen – Mike WT Allen Bass Clarinet quartet Mike WT Allen Ridley Bishop David Brown Johanna Hauser Open Instrumentation Clara Sze – Flute Andrew Chavez-Kline – Clarinet Tegan Wahlgren – Violin Joel Mackenzie – Guitar Nicholas Marriot – Guitar Mike WT Allen “‘Just Listen’ acts as the title of the piece as well as the biggest performance instruction to allow the music to go smoothly. The instruments in the ensemble constantly interact throughout the piece, with cues played by one instrument informing the others when to continue on in the constant swirling of sound. Voices follow and play off of each other, at times lyrical and melodic, and at times a subdued controlled chaos. Hopefully it all goes well, but it sounded really good in the rehearsals so it’s gonna be great. (Mike would like to add that at the time of this writing, no rehearsals have happened yet.)” “Described by Discorder Magazine as a “compositional tour de force”, award winning composer and musician Mike WT Allen has been stubbornly forging his own pathway through the Vancouver music scene since graduating from Capilano University’s jazz program with a degree in composition in 2014. Equally at home on a festival stage, in a concert hall, or in the back of a heavy metal bar, Mike is constantly striving to expand his musical boundaries by trying new things and collaborating with new people. Mike composes for, plays with, produces, and records music with a number of groups and artists around Vancouver over a vast range of styles from jazz to avant-garde to hip-hop, as well as producing soundtracks for local award winning films and commercials. The next big cool things Mike is doing are are performing on the main stage at David Lam Park on Canada Day as part of the Vancouver Jazz Festival with his avant-garde funk group Big EviL, and an upcoming performance of his 20 piece experimental big band jazz metal group Space Elevator at the Fox Cabaret on June 15th. If you’d like to know more about any of this stuff go to www.mikewtallen.com or just go talk to him, he’s the one with the dreadlocks. Does all this sound impressive enough? Are you impressed, dear reader? Hopefully. Love, Mike” Ben Wylie “Program Notes” aka youtube description tags: knitting twitter ophelia fall 2008 google translate rich dad reaper drones language barriers dating quiz 150 cents pakistan wikipedia repeat row 4 AM/FM perchance to dream #podcast banking get to know u section 929k purlwise 7/4 approximations Ben Wylie (b.1992) is a composer, improviser, and sound artist currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. His work is often concerned with perception and acoustics, with an emphasis on tuning systems. His recent music has also begun to explore the theatricalization of music through the use of light and space as compositional elements. He has been commissioned by a number of instrumentalists including Andrew D’Antonio, Brandon Ilaw, Leia Slosberg, Marina Hasselberg, and many others. His music has been released on Spectropol Records and has been played by Boston Musica Viva, the Bozzini Quartet, Chris Watford, the Ludovico Ensemble, Naomi Sato, Sylvie LaCroix, Duo Stereoscope, Rick Sacks, and the Boston Conservatory Composer’s Orchestra, among others. He graduated with a BM in Composition from the Boston Conservatory in 2014, where he studied with Marti Epstein, Curtis Hughes, and Jan Swafford. He received an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University in 2016, where he primarily studied with composer Owen Underhill and theater artist Steven Hill. He has participated in workshops and masterclasses with Ken Ueno, Evan Ziporyn, Chen Yi, Daniel Biro, Annesley Black, and Christopher Butterfield, among others. More information
03/26/17 Vancouver Vancouver Art and Leisure Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Ecstatic Waves presents new music for open instrumentation by Nathan Marsh and Chris Blaber. Featuring dancer and choreographer Clara Chow. Entrance by donation. Program Nathan Marsh – Everything is foreseen; yet free will is given —Intermission— Chris Blaber – In Eb: Moving Improv Chris Blaber – Wired Body Musicians (the amazing, talented, smart, beautiful, strong and handsome) CJ McGillivray – Oboe Clara Sze – Flute Andrew Chavez-Kline – Clarinet Matt Reed – Alto Saxophone Eva Smith – Bassoon Gizelle – Violin Elliot Vaughan – Viola Brad Pearson – Electric Bass Mike Allen – Multi-instrumentalist Arthur Delahooke – Percussion Alexei Paish – Percussion Dancer/Conductor Clara Chow Nathan Marsh is a sound artist, educator and performer based in Vancouver who is concerned with the concept of experience and “objecthood” in music. He emphasizes collaboration and physical involvement in the creation of his works, intending to draw people into the physicality of music as a lived experience rather than as a predominantly auditory phenomenon. “Everything is foreseen; yet free will is given” is a Jewish proverb from the Pirkei Avot, a book of ethical teachings and maxims, pertaining to the philosophical axiom commonly known as the paradox of free will. The piece is an examination of interactivity, cooperation and listening in the process of performance, as well as a challenge to the historical role of the composer as sole creator in the construction of musical experience. More information
02/26/17 Vancouver, BC 240 Northern Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 240 Northern. Ecstatic Waves Presents new works by Greg Samek and Chris Blaber for large open instrumentation ensemble. *Entrance by donation You will experience a myriad of different sounds and textures created by a large group of amazing musicians (20 of them!). This combination of instruments is not one that you will see regularly. We have Violins, Cellos, Double basses, clarinets, saxophones, keyboards, synthesizers, electronics, guitars, bass guitar, and an onslaught of percussion! They will be spatialized to create a 360 degree musical experience that takes full advantage of the acoustic properties of the space. Many of the works on this program are a reflection on what has been happening worldwide. They seek to embody in sound the feelings and emotions that are running deep in society today. They also represent hope for what will come. This is because we are in a time when we are able to get together to create interesting and beautiful music together. **Concert Program** Clasp – Greg Samek -For solo percussion and open instrumentation Mirrors #2 – Chris Blaber I: Curves on a Soft Plane II: Soft Touch of a Rough hand III: Waves That are not Seen -Intermission Marches, Calls, Responses – Chris Blaber I: Jigs and Reels II: Calls III: Call and Response IV: Unseen Path, Groups V: Unseen Path, Unison VI: Jigs and reels modified Musicians (AKA The Beautiful, Strong, Handsome and Smart) -Alvin Tran – Violin -Gizelle Rocha – Violin -Adrian Pang – Cello -Anna Kuchkova – Cello -Leanna Wong – Double bass -Brad Pearson – Double bass -Erica Regehr – Clarinet -Andrew Chavez-Kline – Clarinet -Matthew Read – Alto sax -Aaron Pang – Keyboard -Candy Lam – Keyboard -Joel Lagemaat – Synthesizer/electronics -Joel Mackenzie – Guitar -Steven Botel – Guitar -Nathan Marsh – Guitar -Colin Sankey – Bass guitar -Chris Blaber – Percussion -Jesse Mark – Percussion -Greg Samek – Percussion -Martin Fisk – Percussion More information
01/29/17 Vancouver, BC Gold Saucer Studio Canada
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 211 – 207 West Hastings St. The first of a monthly concert series featuring music that explores open instrumentation and improvisation. Entrance by donation: All proceeds go towards funding future Ecstatic Waves events and publications. Concert Program: Aether – Jordan Nobles Mirrors #1: Distorted Reflections – Chris Blaber Reading of a short story – Nicole Blaber (edited by Chris Blaber) Bumpin Bars: In Db – Chris Blaber Musicians: Andrew Chavez-Kline – Clarinet Gael Chabot-Leclerc – Percussion Chris Blaber – Percussion Aaron Pang – Piano/Keyboard Mike WT Allen – Keyboard/synthesizer Steven Botel – Electric Guitar Kenneth McGlenen – Electric Bass Brad Pearson – Double Bass More information

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